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Villa Holidays & Apartments in Gazi
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Villa Holidays & Apartments in Gazi
Villa Holidays & Apartments to Rent in Gazi
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Holiday Destinations in Heraklion
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UP Crete , Crete , Heraklion Villa Holidays & Apartments , Gazi Villas & Apartments
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With UP Crete discover some of the finest villa holidays in Heraklion. We have the best selection of luxury villa
holidays, beautiful traditional villas and apartments, perfect for Summer Holidays in Heraklion. When you
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villa, you get more than short-term lodging - you get an experience and memories to last a lifetime.
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UP Crete can accommodate your friends or family on your next trip. Reserve
villa holiday or apartment today for a memorable Summer Holidays in Heraklion!
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Featured Villas in Heraklion  view all >>
Featured Villas in Heraklion
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Featured Villas
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Hyperion Villas Heraklion
Hyperion Villas
Senior Villas Heraklion
Senior Villas
Car Rentals in Crete
Car Rentals in Crete
Traditional Arolithos Village, Heraklion, Crete. Apartments with
Swimming Pool, Stunning Location and Cretan Decoration
Apartments Description:
Sleeps : 2-4
Air condition
Greek Tavernas
Museum of Rural History
Traditional apartments
Apartments with pool
more apartment details »
Rates - apartment per week (EUR)
280€ - 857€ / week
Crete » Heraklion » Heraklion Apartments » Apartments  HE0016
Arolithos village
Arolithos Village
Villa & Studios for Rent with Sea View, Big Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Spa,
Fireplace and all Amenities. Ktima Kares
Apartments Description:
Sleeps : 2-4
Studios & Villas
Swimming pool
Kafeneion, Taverna
Satellite TV
Balconies with view
more villa details »
Rates - apartment per week (EUR)
420€ - 693€ / week
Crete » Heraklion » Heraklion Apartments » Apartment  HE0014
Apartments Chania Crete